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Isabelle Schuler grew up in America, and now lives in South London after living and working in Los Angeles for three years. Prior to that, Isabelle graduated with a BA in Journalism and Classical Liberal Arts.

Isabelle has worked on many film and theatre projects and began her own production company based in London at the beginning of 2018. The company produced several a , culminating in a short film that received generous funding from investors and went on to win Top 4 at the Shakespeare Film Festival in August 2018. Isabelle then worked with Purple Ostrich productions to produce a gender-bent Romeo and Juliet (Romea and Julian) at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham, in which she played Romea.

Isabelle is a composer both on piano and ukulele and is in the middle of a musical composition quest to write a song for each of Shakespeare’s sonnet. The project is called From Sonnet to Song, and she is up to Sonnet 81.

Isabelle also has a radio podcast with Women’s Radio Station, inspired by From Sonnet to Song, which looks at Shakespeare’s place in society today.

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  • Piano (classical and jazz)
  • Singing (mezzo soprano)
  • Dance (ballroom)
  • Tennis (competitive)
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Aerial - Hoop
  • Yoga
  • Swiss and US passport
Accents: American-Standard*, English-Standard*, RP,American-Southern,American-California
Training: LAMDA, short course, 2017


Title Venue/Company Role Director
Romea and Julian The Bread and Roses Romea Laura Kressly
Romea and Julian Vaults: Waterloo Nurse Kerry Fitzgerald
A Midsummer Night's Dream Eden Troupe, D.C. Hermia Charlotte Blacklock
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Eden Troupe, D.C. Lucy Amy Deems
Meet Me in St. Louis Camelot Theatre Agnes Livia Genise
Little Women Oregon Stage Works Beth Lisa Maria Malovoz


Title Venue/Company Role Director
Baby Steps (short) From Sonnet to Song Eve Martha Reed
How to Annoy Your Type A Friend (viral short) BuzzFeed Type A Olivia Mowry
The Sottish Play USC Productions Joy Paul Rufus Jones
The Lonely Princess (short) USC Productions Hannah Paul Rufus Jones
Black Widow: Origins (short) Couch Surfer Productions Red Room Girl Sean Monguso


Title Venue/Company Role Director
America's Court with Jude Entertainment Studios Lemonade Girl


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